O Fallen Day Star, you were anointed on High to be the Tree’s keeper,

But as His children became wise, so your vanity grew steeper.


You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven, above the stars of God will I set my throne,’

And yet, there would only be the pit of dust for you to call your own.


O Fallen Day Star, you were appointed as a teacher, to be a righteous lead,

Yet because you have done this, there is enmity between you and the woman’s seed.


Her Child will be born, and He shall be exalted as Son of the Most High,

While for you, O Serpent, unto Sheol shall you draw nigh.


O Fallen Day Star, Son of Dawn, how great is your fall from blamelessness,

Your wicked ways shall come to an end, when He returns as the Sun of Righteousness.